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Blender Basics

Below are a few steps to follow to learn the basic usage of the 3D software Blender. It is a good foundation before more advanced creations. Have fun !

Install and setup

The first lesson is about downloading Blender, installing it on your computer and then setup the software


Now you will learn how to manipulate objects. The file needed is the same as for the second lesson.

Materials, Lights and Render

This 4th part is about creating materials, adding lights and doing a render.

Objects Creation

In the final part you’ll learn how to create your very first object. Use the reference files below to help you.

Alchemist Workshop

This is the first large scale project we start. Hang on tight and follow us on this wonderful journey to learn while having fun creating 3D art.

Creating more objects

To keep on training our basics, we start with adding more objects to the scene. Use the references below to help you.

Using curves

In this part, we start using curves to create tubes for a chemistry kit! And as usual, the reference files are just below!

Edit Mode -1

This part is an introduction to Edit Mode where you can manipulate sub-parts of an object.

Edit Mode -2

In this video you’ll learn more tools and tips from the Edit Mode.

Modifiers -1

Here you will learn about the most common modifiers to create new objects such as a bookshelf and some test tubes

Modifiers –2

We’ll learn more about the modifiers: the subdivision surface to create a candle and then more magic from the array and bevel to create the chandelier.

Story Board

This video shows the story board for the project. It will give you an idea of what all this work is for and what is to come. Hope you like it!