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Blender Basics


What this course is about

This course is aimed at people who are beginners and want to learn the basics of the 3D software Blender.

It is a very good starting course for any 3D journey.


For this course, you don’t need any previous 3D knowledge although you are expected to know how to use your computer and its operating system.


Blender Setup

Software Installation

Learn how to download and install the software on your computer (using Windows OS as an example).


Learn how to move in the 3D space, change to camera view and orbit around an object.

Blender Navigation
Blender Manipulation


Learn how to select, move, rotate and scale objects within a 3D scene.


Learn how to assign them to objects and modify their three main parameters.

Blender Materials
Blender Object Creation

Object Creation

Learn how to add references to your scene and model an object from scratch using what you’ve learnt so far.


How it works

The course will be opened in another tab as a Youtube Playlist on our partner’s Channel



Follow along and leave a comment on the videos to get support whenever you are stuck or use our About page to contact us directly.


Follow the link below to get the files from this course for FREE

Blender Basics Course’s files on GUMROAD

Blender Basics Course Files


After the course, you will have the basic knowledge necessary to start your 3D journey, navigating the 3D world, creating and manipulating objects, assigning materials, adding lighting and positioning a camera to finally rendering a finished scene.