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The Alchemist Workshop


What this course is about

This course is aimed at beginners who are ready to tackle the creation of an entire project from start to finish covering modeling, shaders, animation, VFX, lighting, rendering and compositing to produce a complete animation project.


You wil need a basic understanding of the 3D software blender. Just in case, we’ve got you covered with this introduction course: Blender Basics


The Alchemist Workshop Course_Modeling


Learn different technics to create a variety of objects based off of provided references .


Understand how shaders work and create procedural materials for wood, stones, floor and much more.

The Alchemist Workshop Course_Shaders
The Alchemist Workshop Course_Asset Library

Asset Library

Speed up your workflow using the integrated Asset Library.

Scene Creation

Build the Workshop using orthographic plans and fill the space to your liking.

The Alchemist Workshop Course_Workshop Build
The Alchemist Workshop Course_Lighting


Add mysterious or enchanted lighting to the scene to establish the mood.


Get introduced to the basics of animation to bring the project to life.

The Alchemist Workshop Course_Animation
The Alchemist Workshop Course_VFX


Create amazing special effects to underline the supernatural atmosphere of the place.

Rendering and Post-process

Master the rendering and post-processing workflow, then use the sequencer to export the final video.

The Alchemist Workshop Course_Render


How it works

The course will be opened in another tab as a Youtube Playlist on our partner’s Channel



Follow along and leave a comment on the videos to get support whenever you are stuck or use our About page to contact us directly.


Follow the link below to get the files from this course for FREE

The Alchemist Workshop Course’s files on GUMROAD

The Alchemist Workshop Course Files


Following the complete course, you will be able to create such a beautiful animation after only 24 lessons (we would recommend 1 lesson per week):

The Alchemist Workshop Final Animation

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