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Maya Trap



Life is but a cycle.

Every 52 years, the sun is trapped in the dark world and the Mayans have been sending their best warriors to fight and make sure the sun rises another day.

Are you up to the task ?


Play Instructions

You command a vehicule inspired by tanks and built by the mage Uxmal. Your goal is to navigate through all the levels, collect sun fragments and destroy the enemies if necessary without dying (beware it is a hard game).

After a point, you will learn how to play a Pok-ta-Pok game, where you need to get the ball from the field and bring it back into the score circle.


You can play with keyboard on PC or using swipe on Mobile while you can use buttons on both plateforms.

Maya Trap_OptionsAvailablePerPlateform




Please note that this is just a demo, including only 1 world out of the 10 originaly intended and targeting mobile devices.

Why is that, you would ask ?

Well, see this more as a port-mortem than an introduction for this game. This is our first game and, as most people, we made all the mistakes possible developping it. As our “learning” side intends to, let us tell you what went wrong, and maybe how to avoid it, so that your first game could be better:


Keep in mind that creating a game is simple if we think about the process but very complex regarding when it comes to production. A lot of skills are required in order to create all the assets and systems like design, programming, art, music, management to name just a few.

Maybe team up with people who share the same passion or interest for the project or first assess truly what you are capable of doing before your embark on this journey.


It was destined to be the smallest projects of them all, but rapidly grew in features and went overboard in terms of scope.

Make sure you define the scope before starting the project and focus on the core mechanics. Develop that first and add more after having taken the time to really think about it.


It takes time to create a fully fleshed game, make sure you decicate a fair amount of time and energy to it.

Try to avoid having multiple projects running at the same time. Although it can help with boredom, it usually drains your energy as you need time to redirect your attention on something different.


No game is only destined to be played by ourselves. We usually address it to an audience.

Playtest early, with your friends and family but more importantly, with strangers as they will have the tendency to be more honest about it (you know how relatives do not want to hurt our feelings). Attend events, meetups and conventions and ask people to test your game, you will be surprised by how much feedback is important for a game. And don’t be afraid, most people will be kind and respectful as they probably are in the same situation than you are.

We hope this will help you, do not hesitate to give us feedbacks, we would greatly appreciate it.

Thank you all 🙂