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The MUS_Ep01_Poster

The MisUnderstanding Serie Ep. 01


The Serie

Words have meaning, and sometimes lots of them. Are you sure there is no misunderstanding here ?
Let’s find out.


Episode 01: Body and Volume

Meet Melanie, a young woman who will see her life surprisingly changed after she ran out of shampoo.


Note that this is just a sequence, the entire short-film will be released in the coming months.


This short film was entirely produced at Styx-Art Studio.


Below are some work in progress sets for the rest of the story.


The Origin

It happened the same way. One day I happen to wash my hair and noticed something unfamiliar. The label on the bottle was written in another language, leading to some wandering of my mind, creating some unexpected thoughts and ideas.

So it started with a simple what if ? From here, I wrote a script, then drew a storyboard, and years later only, with enough knowledge and skills, came the short.

The Workflow

Below is the creation process for the set, from rough to 3D blockout to the final render with materials and grease pencil.

Here you have the first steps to character design, starting from a simple skeleton for proportions, adding volumes and clothes to the final colored render.

And finally, the process for the animation with the reference first, then the key poses and timing followed by the in-betweens and the cleanup to finish with the colored version.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully you’ll laugh as much as I did, looking forward to showing the rest of the serie. You will be there, aren’t you ? Or is there a misunderstanding ? XD