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Zombies Smasher III



What can be more fulfilling than seeing what you create come to life? This was the idea behind a workshop held at the Vigneux Gaming Show in 2022.

We started with a quick Game Design course and then every attendant could draw his/her own character for the game, and here is the result.


Play Instructions

Choose your fighter, get ready to hold off the hordes of zombies coming your way, and survive as long as you can. Then let us know what your best score is 😉


You can either use Arrows and the Space Key on your Keyboard, or a Game Controller.





In 2022, I have been invited to the Vigneux Game Show as a member of the club where I teach 3D.

As a way to combine my appetite to share my knowledge and my aspiration to create games, I set up a workshop where people would first learn a bit about game design and then they would draw a character that would be integrated into a small game.

How did it go ?

I am the kind of person who gets along well with kids, their spontaneity and their creativity is a great source of inspiration for me. So, seeing them work hard on their craft, was like opening a treasure chest.

It was a great experience, a human experience at first, meetup with all those people, sharing thoughts on what a good character would be like to fight off hordes of Zombies.

It was also technically challenging, to be able to guide and help these boiling minds filled with ideas to come up with something that has to follow some criteria. In the end, there is not a single character who has not got its own charm and strength.

I invite you to give it a try, thinking what you would have drawn if you were given the chance.


Below are the names of every person who has been part of this adventure:

  • Anis
  • Cameron
  • Issa
  • Laurent
  • Nabi
  • Nohlan
  • Ramountcho
  • Tom

And a special mention to Léo who also came up with the game’s title 😉