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  • Blen.doT


    Have you ever found yourself stuck waiting for an animation to render ? This is Blen.doT, network rendering made easy

  • Zombies Smasher III

    Zombies Smasher III

    What can be more fulfilling than seeing what you create come to life?

  • The MisUnderstanding Serie Ep. 01

    The MisUnderstanding Serie Ep. 01

    STORY The Serie Words have meaning, and sometimes lots of them. Are you sure there is no misunderstanding here ?Let’s find out. Plot Episode 01: Body and Volume Meet Melanie, a young woman who will see her life surprisingly changed after she ran out of shampoo. MOVIE Note that this is just a sequence, the…

  • Maya Trap

    Maya Trap

    Life is but a cycle. Every 52 years, the sun is trapped in the dark world and the Mayans have been sending their best warriors, …